Our company possesses extensive capacities all over Europe and the global market. A foresight into the near future reveals the company’s expansion and the origination of new facilities unfolding plenty of benefits such as enlarging the range of products and shortening transport distances.


Our casting and machining competencies co mprise a range of 500g up to 20,000g – small batches as well as mass production.


The knowledge we gained over many years and improved constantly is the basis for the handling and treatment of ductile cast iron.


As an ecology-minded company, it is our utmost concern to operate with the least amount of material, supplies and energy consumption during production, transport and supporting processes, as well as to avoid accumulation of waste products as far as possible. We are engaged in continuous improvement of cleanliness and sustainability of operating procedures.

Model Making

Our innate model making division works with the aid of simulation software in generating precisely coordinated casting procedures to assure ideal build-up of the pourable compound into the desired shape. The fabrication of models and prototypes adheres already the serial standards.


Detailed, anticipatory planning allows optimal utilisation of furnace capacities and the supply of unfinished casting for further treatment according to customer's wishes.


The moulds needed for the casting process are manufactured in our own facility using high-grade moulding sand.

Core Making

With the use of our own know-how, we produce perfectly matched sand cores to ensure an optimal casting process.


Monitored treatment of cast parts in annealing furnaces conduces attainment of the demanded hardness and tensile strength values. This practice grants the possibility to optimise part’s attributes in a more concerted way if needed.


Modern testing procedures for crack and flaw detection are an inherent part of the production process.


Computer-controlled, automatic turning centres and modern robotic allow fast and precise machining of casted parts.


Abiding examination of the individual parameters guarantees a consistently high quality.


Up-to-date measuring equipment enables the achievement of exact conformity of part attributes with the demanded characteristics.


From our point of view, quality is not a single factor to add to production process but implies consideration in each and every sector. Starting at the selection of suppliers, to planning and development of parts and processes, inspection during production as well as customer-specific post processing and even the delivery of finished products we pay heed to accurate operation according to customer’s demands and beyond.


A special regard refers to the well-being of our personnel. Our highly motivated members of staff are experts in their fields and refine their knowledge and skills in advanced training and schoolings. Moreover, apprenticeship training is executed in many divisions of our company. Plus we offer students the possibility to gather practical experience besides their academic studies.